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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about EcommBuilder Shopping Cart Software. If your question is not answered below, please email or call us for a quick answer.


Hosting and E-mail

Trial Store Questions

Set Up

Website Design

Order Processing and Merchant Accounts

Store Operations

International Customers

Promoting Your Business


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly store solution at any time without being assessed any penalties or additional fees.

If my needs expand, can I upgrade my package in the future?

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time.

What is an SQL server, and why does it cost more?

A structured query language (SQL) server is a faster and more stable database type.

How much does EcommBuilder cost?

All solutions include our complete suite of e-commerce software features. The major difference between our levels of service is scalability. Small business solutions are designed for the small- to medium-sized business with less than 25,000 products and under 500 visitors per day. Corporate solutions are designed to accommodate over 100,000 products and unlimited visitors. Be wary of providers who charge add-on prices for additional features.

Hosting and E-mail

Can I upgrade my email or storage capacity?

Yes, you can upgrade each for an additional fee per month. Please visit pricing for information.

Can I access my store from any computer?

Yes, as long as you have an Internet connection, then you will have access to your store.

Are hosting and e-mail included in the fee?

Yes, hosting and e-mail accounts are included in the price of your monthly solution.

What can you tell me about your data centers?

We have multiple data centers: one in Simi Valley, California, one in Dallas, Texas, and our newest one with Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas. Our servers are connected to the Internet via redundant high-speed pipelines and housed in world-class facilities complete with temperature-controlled environments, tight security and redundant power back-ups. Due to the fact that we co-locate our servers, we maintain full control over all software and hardware.

Trial Account Questions

Can I keep my trial account configuration?

Yes, your trial account configuration will seamlessly integrate into your live site.

I've used my trial account, and I'm ready to purchase a solution. What's next?

Please go to the Pricing page and determine which solution best suits your company's requirements. Next, add the solution to your cart and follow the steps to check out.

Can I change my homepage design with the trial account?

Homepage text and graphics can be changed with your own text and graphics.

What can I do with my trial account?

You will have access to the same administration area in your trial account store as you would in a live store. You will be able to upload product photos and information to the site, as well as set up your shipping rates (by either establishing flat rates or by pulling current rates from UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL). Only a few features, such as the database import/export feature, have been disabled in the trial account.

How do I acquire a trial account?

Please go to and click the Try It Free button.

Set Up

My site is ready to go live. What do I do?

When you are ready to make your site accessible to customers (switch from the Internet Protocol [IP] address to the domain name), just let us know. We will login to your account and change the appropriate settings for you. Customers using version 2 can accomplish this themselves through their Administration section.

Can I use my own domain name, like

During the activation process, you'll be prompted for your existing domain name. If you don't have one, we'll help you register it.

I've purchased my solution. Now what?

You will need to make your site secure in order to protect confidential customer information (like credit card numbers) by acquiring a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate (Cert). Our SSL Certs provide industry-standard 128-bit data encryption, as well as peace of mind for both you and your customer. Please go to the SSL Certs page to view our selection of SSL Certs.

How long will it take to set up my store?

The number of products you offer will dictate how long it will take to set up your store. Fortunately, you can easily upload all your products via our import wizard. On our end, we require 24-48 hours to process your paperwork and ready your virtual storefront.

Website Design

Does EcommBuilder offer logo creation, button creation or any other design services?

Yes, we can design your logo, templates, homepage, buttons, etc. To see all our design services please click here.

Can EcommBuilder design my site?

Yes, if you want to have an entirely unique website, simply add our EcommBuilder website design package to your order. Our professional designers and graphic artists will create a custom website for you that will set you apart from the competition and help to create an identity for your company.

Can I design my own site?

Yes, the software is DESIGNED to allow great flexibility in CUSTOMIZATION! You can integrate your custom HTML header and footer with the software content pages and then modify the colors, graphics and display options of the pages to complement your particular design.

Do I have to know HTML?

No, you can set up a complete store without any HTML knowledge. EcommBuilder offers a free Design Gallery full of ready-made website templates so that you can open for business INSTANTLY!

Order Processing and Merchant Accounts

Do I have to get a merchant account?

No, you can run the store without a merchant account. Paypal is a free alternative solution, but a major drawback is that customers are redirected to the Paypal website during the checkout process as opposed to staying on YOUR website the entire time.

What if I already have a merchant account?

If you already possess a merchant account, check with your bank to ensure it's an Internet merchant account (as opposed to a brick-and-mortar retail merchant account). It's often best to sign up for a separate merchant account for Internet transactions. For more in-depth information, view our merchant services page.

What do I need to have in order to process payments online?

You'll need to have an Internet merchant account to process the payment online and an SSL certificate to encrypt the transmitted data. For more in-depth merchant account information, please go to the Merchant Service's page. For more information on SSL certificates, please go to the SSL Cert page.

What forms of payment can I accept?

You will have the ability to accept credit cards, checks, Paypal, wire transfers and purchase orders (POs). EcommBuilder is integrated with over 50 major credit card and electronic check gateways. Click here for a complete list of integrated gateways.

Store Operations

How will I know how well my store is doing?

You have the ability to select a time period and view total monthly sales, most visited categories, most visited products, top-selling products, top customers, total sales tax, total sales tax per state, top affiliates by clickthroughs, top affiliates by sales, etc.

How will I know when I get an order?

As soon as an order is placed, your customer will receive an order confirmation e-mail and you will receive an order notification e-mail.

International Customers

Can I use EcommBuilder E-commerce Software if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, we have a lot of international customers and are integrated with several international gateways. You may either use Planet Payment or Worldpay for your gateway or any other supported foreign gateway.

Promoting Your Business

How can I get high placements in the various search engines?

Our software is optimized for search engines. It strategically places your keywords, meta tags and text to help you capture top rankings for all your products. Static HTML pages using your keywords in the URL provide an extra boost in search engine rankings. Plus, the .htm pages lose NO functionality, and everything remains completely automatic.

Can EcommBuilder help me sell my products?

Yes, we provide you with full affiliate program functionality, e-mail marketing functionality and the ability to offer coupons and gift certificates, as well as many other customer experience tools. In addition, you'll have the ability to export feeds to third-party shopping marketplaces, including Froogle,, BizRate, Dealtime/Epinions/, Yahoo Shopping, NexTag, PriceGrabber, etc.

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